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In my book, there are a couple of themes that are reoccurring. One theme that is in there no matter what, is anger. Or you could say despise. Since its kind of like a teen drama/mystery, of course there is going to be anger, or you could say even jealousy. The first time it showed up, I was like “Oh okay, anger.” Then about 10 pages later, anger  again. 10 pages after that, I said, “Well, I’m kind of getting tired of anger.” Then it changed finally. It turned into happiness. Happiness, showed up a couple of times. If mystery were a theme, that would definitely be a big one. This whole book is about mysteries, lots of different ones too. The biggest one is the one about Peter. I guess that’s why it’s in the mystery genre.

I really don’t like mystery books, but it was the only book I could find.

The author is trying to get across that one girl hates another. Chloe, who is the main character, hates Lise. Well, she wold have liked Lise, but Lise wants to hate her because she is a new girl I guess. You know those snobby people who are full of themselves. It adds to that because she is a new girl too. I think the message that the author is trying to get across is that it is hard to be a new student, and that anger can get the best of everyone. For example, Lise, who didn’t like her dad dating Elinore, so she plotted some evil kind of scheme, and got them to break up. They are starting to get back together again, so she is getting very frustrated, and she might have to do it again.

In the plot, she got her boyfriend Thomas, (They were dating before Chloe moved there). To record some words in a really deep voice, he didn’t know what it was for. But she played it on Elinores answering machine so it was like some guy was hooking up with her. Thats how she got them to break up. Now she has a new boyfriend so I think that she is going to do that again.

Sorry for that little summary. You wouldn’t have got it if I didn’t tell you. Anyways, anger is always in the novel. It has never left since I have started reading it. It is usually centered around Chloe. Either she is mad at her soon to be step dad, or Lise. Also, because Lise, is like a main character she is always in the book. At least in every chapter.

Anger by mickiky. //  

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Pictures found on Flickr, with creative commons. If you would like to pick up a copy of this book, the title is OVER THE EDGE, A Chloe and Levesque Mystery. The author is Norah McClintock.


Those Crafty Authors…

Authors craft is something that authors need. Also, the reader needs to like the kind of craft. For me, I love it when the author goes into a lot of detail when there is an actiony part of the book. Like say there was a fight and someones arm got sliced open, it would say something like ” When the blade struck his arm, it cut through the skin and muscle right to the bone. While blood was pouring out, he screamed in agonizing pain.” Something like that, so you can get a lot of images in your head.

To me, something that is not good is like…”They had to get to the trenches before the guns shot them. When they got in the trenches, it was cold. They needed to sleep too.”

Something like that is completely trash to me. I had no joy even writing that, ahah. Its even more boring to read it a second time. In my book there are lots of O.K. writing. It was pretty hard to pick out a bad part in it, and it was also pretty difficult to pick out a good part.

My good part is,”he opened the car door and was about to get out when a woman appeared on the porch. A slender woman with big sad eyes. Thomas settled back in his seat. Matt and his step-father turned toward the woman.” That is agood part because it describes what the woman generally looks like. It said she had a slender build, which means slim. She also had big eyes, big sad eyes. Giving it the sense that she was either sad or disappointed.

A bad piece of writing that I have found in this book,”Ross stared at Thomas, then at me. Then he shook his head.” I really don’t like how it has so many “And then.” It kind of defeats the purpose of trying to write good. The author could have used so many other words. Unless they were in fact trying to make it sound boring.


Swords are very different. There are so many different kinds also, like a two handed Great Sword. The two handed sword, dosent have a piece of metal that goes around your hand. It does add some protection when you have that piece of metal, because you’ll never know if some guy is like drunk and tries to cut your hands off. I think it would have downsides also, like if some Ogre like guy hits the blade of your sword with a mace, and the sword should go flying out of your hand. It might rip your fingers off, I dont know if that has ever happened before.There is actually no such thing as a short sword. There is none, because in the middle ages they mesured the person and then they crafted a sword especially for the noble and or knight. I do not know the exact scale, but the people were about 5 feet tall, and their swords were 3 feet long. So maybe it was 2 feet less that your height, or arm span.

Most swords were about 3 feet in length. People that were about 5 feet tall which was about average in that time, it woulf be a good distance that you could kill someone from. Now, you could hit someone farther away because people are taller, and their arm span is bigger. If you had a sword made for you, it would differ in size, because all people arent the same size. A lot of blades were reallyh thin at the point, some of them were just thin altogether.
    The ones that were thin altogether were very good for thrusting at people. Slashing with a straight broadsword wasnt as effective as thrusting with it. Scimitars, were the sword made for thrusting. You might think that slashing is the more manly thing to do right? Because you see it in movie. Thrusting can bve so devastating, it can go right through someone body and then when you rip it back out it drags out organs sometimes. Then they basically have no chance of survival.
    In Japan, the most lethal weapon they had there was a Samurais sword. Which was actually razor sharp, and the thinckness of a razor. It was so sharp that it could actually cut through a human body! It would probably be better that the Scimitar because it was so thin and light.
    It takes so long to make one of these marvellous swords. It usually takes years and years. Not like a normal broadsword that would take maybe a couple of weeks.
    Size can also effect the damage, but other attributes make up for it. Like daggers are really short, they are super light and you can move your hand fast with them. So it is easier to stab sometinhg numerous times consecutivley, better than using a short sword. But the damage cant be compared to a Great Sword. Greatswords on the other hand are really slow to use, but inflict massive damage if the dont get blocked, dodged, or parried. Also the kind of attacks you do with a sword matter as well. It would be kind of pointless to slash someone with a dagger. Plus you would have probably gotten killed already. Its pointless to slash with a dagger, because the blade is so short it wont do any damage, and if they have armour on it wont really work. It would probably be good to have when you find an enemy with his/her back turned. Then you would be able to stab them in the neck and kill them. Or, if there were assasins in that time, thats another thing it would be good for. Also,a sword would have already cut you down from like 3 feet away, with a dagger, you basically have to be up close and personal with someone to do any real damage. Unless your like throwing knife god, and can throw it at like 20 mph.
Near the very end of the middle ages. Sword became versatile, since they began to start using guns. You would be able to get close enough to stab someone with your sword. Swords then became into civilions defense weapon, like if someone was breaking into your house. You might have had a sword to defend yourself. After a while you probably wouldnt find anyone that would be a sword trainer because no one needed it. You would probably find that they would be replaced with gun trainers.
Armour can actually defend against some sword attacks. Like if you have a plate chest and someone tries to slash your side, you might get a cut from the plate chest getting bent. It would probably bruise also. A shield was a good thing to defend against swords. You could also hit people with your shield, it would hurt alot too, because it wouldnt bend it would be as hard as ever.
My sword looks like this with aluminum paint on it, so it would look metal.
If you look at the bottom of the sword, there is little fang type things. It is called a bale, and it is to protect your hand so you dont get your fingers cut off. You can also kind of punch people with it, and inflict damage to them, but not yourself. One of these versus someone without a bale is an advantage to you, plus you would probably be able to put spikes, or barbs on it to inflict even more damage.
If you like readin about swords, you should click on this link. It has tons of information on it, some you may or may not know. Still, it is a good place to check out.

Well in this section of the book, there isnt really any mystery. Its basically, highschool drama.

There is this character named Matt, and he has a girlfriend named Lise. She is basically got him whipped. He tries to help her out, like when Chloe who is the main character and Thomas, her new boyfriend and Matt, and Lise, and Daria. Go out to eat at a resturaunt in the town right next to them, Lise sees her dad with someone she hates and she runs out on the streets and starts (in my words) Rampin out. Which means like freaking out or something along those lines.

Right now, the central conflict I think, would probably be how Chloe and Matt are not friends. She went to peters house to help out his mom, and his mom said that his friend Matt came over to get some astronomy tapes. Apperntly he likes astronomy and dosent want anyone to find out. So, now knowing that Chloe goes to Matts because hes driving to Morrisville. His mom tells Chloe that he is downstairs and should go see him, so she does. He scrambled when he found out it was Chloe, he thought it was Thomas at first,he didnt want anyone to know that he was watching astronomy tapes. They get into a argument basically, then Matt dosent talk to her at all, all night.

I also think that Matt could have killed Peter by pushing him off the edge. I think that because Matt wantedd his astronomy tapes apparently, and he knew if he was caught asking him for some. His social life would be trash, I think that is a little extreme for some astronomy tapes. But you never know. Kids these days…

The author has changed the conflict around a lot lately. They have been making conflict between like every character. Its almost hard to keep track of anyone who isnt fighting or mad at. Lise is mad at Matt,Daria is mad at Chloe,Matt is mad at Chloe, Lise is also mad at Chloe. Unless they have grown a secret friendship.

I honestly dont think the characters changed that much from the start of the book. Except for Peter, now being dead. Chloe, has kind of changed, I mean she has a boyfriend now, and hangs out with all of his friends. That is change, very small but its a change.

I really dont like that the author didnt really tell us what the characters look like. I like to imagin what they look like. Example, Peter to me looks like a hunched over guy who wears a pocket protecter, and also tucks his shirt into his pants, and has Orange poof afro hair but its like pushed back so he has like no bangs, and he also has some crazy think glasses.

Please, Begin.

Beginnings can be very good.  Other times they can be quite awkward. In a mystery book, which I am reading, the beginning is quite awkward. Not to far in, it talks about a boy jumping off of a cliff, they think suicide. But one guy thinks that it was a murder. That is what I think the “mystery” is.

A rough outline so far is, a girl moves from a big city into a small town. The big city is Montreal. Her step dad, is a cop. Chief of police in their new town actually. She goes to the school and not long after this boy “commits suicide”. He really didn’t have any friends so no one really minded much. Except, for his mother. Who, in my words was “STRAIGHT UP TRIPINNN“. Basically she was freaking out, and she had like no one anymore. She didnt belive that he would do that though, so they are continuing the mystery basically to see if it was a murder. The girl who just moved here was now writing in the school newspaper. She was doing something on poetry, and she had to interview a “dumb popular girl” because she was a good poet. And at the same time she gets asked out by this guy who is apparently really cute and is the start of the football team. And they go out on a date, and that’s basically as far as I have read.

Well, the main characters are kind of convincing. I mean it’s basically like any highschool, an “unpopular girl” gets asked out by a popular boy, and then everything turns into a drama scene. Haha, and then there is some kind of mystery rolled up into that as well. I really don’t know how this book is going to turn out in the end. Hopefully, not leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. As in, the book not being very good and I really didn’t enjoy reading it.

Hahah coincidentally, I actually was kind comparing this to my life and in some regions and aspects they are the same. Some are way different, and it probably depends on where you live also, and who you are. I also wondered how old the author is, I actually don’t have the book with me so I couldn’t tell you what it is called, I will probably edit it into this post later on. If your reading this right when it came out. This blog post I mean, not the book.

Until next time, nniickk, signing off.

Television Facts

You may be wondering what this is, well this is a graph on how many hours a weeks each province watches. There are lots of different things you can tell from this graph, I can tell that the most hours watched is somewhere around 28, or maybe 29. I can also tell, that 18 and older females watch the most television. 2 year olds watch about the same amount of television as 18 and older males. I also notices that teenagers watch a low amount, about the same amount as children 2 to 11 years old. British Columbian teens watch the least amount of television.

I can also see some trends in this graph, I can see everyone else except teenagers watch more than 10 hours. It looks like females watch more television than males, I cant really tell for sure because it only shows females 18 and older. I also noticed that Ontario is bigger than Manitoba, and they watch more t.v maybe its because they have more television broadcasting.

In Social Studies we are going to do photo stories when we get back from Spring break, which isn’t right now. It’s on this next Monday-Friday. We have been doing research on either the Pacific Garbage Patch or Unclean water. I am writing about Unclean water my story is about a boy name Epaky who tells his life story when its starts at about age 10 and ends before his next birthday. He lives in Ethiopia, and he doesnt have access to clean water or proper sanitation. It also has a bunch of facts about unclean water slipped into it too. You can probably notice them in one section really easily, there are numbers in it. It also shows about the diseases Malaria, and dysentery.

I think the Unclean water topic is easier to write about because I already knew some stuff about from Social Studies already. Instead of having to learn about a bunch of new stuff and then write about it. Both are very good topics to tackle though, we need both of these cleaned up in the real world. They are both very hazardous. The garbage patch mostly to sea creatures, and unclean water to mostly  humans that are dieing daily because of it.

You may be asking yourself right now, what in the world is a “Tyre?” Well, a tyre is a tire, but that’s how people in the United Kingdom spell it. Im not sure on other countries though. In Kenya one guy has turned an un-usable tire into a water trough.

Another guy made a water pump into a grinder, or sander. It dosent say how well it works though. I imagine that it dosent work as well as like a professional machine though.

Old bicycle tires are turned into a better kind of wheel barrow. One with more traction  than a wooden wheel. Which is better for getting up  hills with, it is probably lighter as well. He has also put on some puntcure proofing material on the outsides of the wheel that look like another piece of rubber or something. Maybe leather, you cant really tell what it is from this picture.

Without:                                                                                With:

wheel barrow

So recently I’ve been playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. For the x-box 360 only though, I only have the xbox which is why, plus the playstation 3 controllers are so tiny and oddly shaped.  I dont have a PS3 either, I think that they are kind of stupid. You can hack anything you want with only using a USB drive. With an xbox only hardcore computer hackers can like hack or mod anything in the game.

Anyways more about the game, well in MW2 I have a 9th Prestige level like 57?. Which is pretty good considering that I got it legit, without any hacks or anything lots of my friends on xbox are around the same place as me. Im higher though.

Its a really fun game, except there are some problems in it, there is tons of bullet lag! Bullet lag is when you are like running around a corner of a building and the guy kills you, you watch the kill cam and your like half way around the corner and you die right around it. There is also commando. Commando is a perk in this game where other players can use, it lets you knife farther. ALOT FARTHER! If someone is shooting you like 10ft away, you can pretty much press your knife button and you will die. Also, when they are lunging at you, they are invincible for like half a second. In this game, that half a second is vital. I have noticed that lots of people aren’t really using it anymore, which is a plus, now they are using Ninja Pro. That is another perk, it is a pro perk so it has two effects. Without pro it is just you don’t show up on heartbeat sensors. The pro version is silent footsteps, which is that bad part for me. It’s bad because then I can’t hear people coming up behind me or anywhere near me. I have a headset, which puts the game volume right over your ears. Which is really good. But mine can’t really hear through Ninja Pro unless you turn the volume all the way up, but if you do when some shoots out of no where it will scare you and its is super loud. I am getting a different headset for my birthday though, which is coming up in April. They are called the Tritton AX 720’s. They are way better than the ones I have right now. I have the Turtle Beach X1’s, which are good and only cost $60 or so. Tritton ax720’s cost somewhere around $120, but they are well worth the money. I met a guy on xbox who had them and he said they were fantastic, and it is easy to set them up.

Magic Bamboo?

Something called magic bamboo is growing in popularity.  This is a post from Afrigadget I found a guy named Bill is showing us what a teacher does to make some extra income. He makes bamboo accessories for laptops cell phones and many other things.  Something that really stands out is the laptop case. It stands out to me because the phone looks like plastic, but the laptop case you can tell its real bamboo. Plus there is nice felt lining inside of it so it doesnt scratch the top of your laptop if you like it shiny.  There are also little holes in the sides of it so you can put USB sticks in them. The holes are like holes with nothing to cover them either. They are like little swinging doors. They aren’t very big either, they are just a little bit bigger than what you plug them into. Incase the laptop moves it wont break the stick, and loose your stuff. There is a stretchable waistband type thing inside of it to hold the laptop in place when your carrying it around too.  There is a shoulder strap also, so you don’t physically have to hold onto it at all times. Anyone could make these actually, its just that no one would want to take the time. It requires a lot of patience too. You use renewable materials also so if you didn’t want the laptop case for whatever reason you could recycle it.

There is also a sweet design on the cover of it too. If you want to see more information on it click here!

If you want to see the video of it, click on here!